AIR FIGHTERS #2 On Sale 10/13

According to Diamond Comics Distributors’ shipping list, the second issue of Moonstone Books’ Air Fighters anthology will be arriving in comics shops next Wednesday, October 13th.

This issue features the second 21st Century comics appearance of Captain Midnight, written by yours truly and illustrated by Richard Clark, with layouts by Rick Burchett.

Titled “Arctic Deathray,” the story features Captain Midnight and his Secret Squadron as they attempt to destroy archfiend Ivan Shark’s latest secret weapon… a, uh, deathray in the arctic.

This issue will also include a new Airboy adventure written by Chuck Dixon, and tales of the rest of the legendary Air Fighters by the same talented team of creators that crafted volume one:  Joe Gentile, Mike Bullock, Tom DeFalco, Martin Powell, Ver Curtis, Giovanni Timpano, Len Cody and many more.

Link: Moonstone’s Air Fighters page.

Upcoming Appearances: BangPop! 2010

In a couple of weeks, I am planning to attend the third annual BangPop! Comic & Pop Culture Convention in Bangor, Maine on September 19, 2010. It’s a small but fun and intimate event, and I’m looking forward to it.

I will have the usual selection of Femme Noir and Kolchak comics and trade paperbacks, Spider and Captain Midnight anthologies, as well as a stack of free promotional postcards on hand. Other guests attending will be local creators Mark Ricketts, Alex Irvine, Josh Alves, and Jimmy Gownley, among others.

Check out the official website for location, directions, schedule and other details. I hope to see you there!


And we’re off and running! Here’s Moonstone’s solicitation copy for the second issue of the new Kolchak ongoing series:

KOLCHAK: The Night Stalker Files #2
Story: Christopher Mills
Art: Jaime Martinez
Covers: Woodrow Hinton, Jaime Martinez
32pgs, color, $3.50

Things are looking up for night stalking reporter Carl Kolchak – he’s got a new job in sunny South Florida with a fat paycheck and an editor who loves him. But deep in the heart of the Everglades, something inhuman is on the prowl; a terrifying creature with a taste for human flesh.

To go into a little more detail: this issue finds our intrepid night stalker taking a new job as a columnist for the World Bulletin, a weekly, national supermarket tabloid published out of Miami. I’m actually drawing upon my own decade’s experience working for the tabs in Florida (I was Art Director of the Sun for most of that time, though I also worked on The National Examiner and The Weekly World News on occasion), and my portrayal of the biz in the comic is less exaggerated than you might think. A few new characters are introduced to Kolchak’s universe – and one old one makes a surprise reappearance!

Once again, I’m not quite sure what the cover illustrations have to do with the story, but they’re certainly attractive and the artists are clearly extremely talented. I’m sure the publishers know what they’re doing.

This second issue of Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files is scheduled to ship in December, 2010, and I believe this solicitation will appear in the next issue of the Diamond PREVIEWS catalog.

Moonstone has a few other cool-looking titles shipping that month, including Rocketman: King of the Rocketmen #1, The Phantom Detective #2, The Northern Guard #2, Captain Action “Season Two” #4, and the Voltron: Defender of the Universe Official Art Book.


Here’s a double page spread from the new Captain Midnight story, “Arctic Deathray,” from the forthcoming Air Fighters #2 comics anthology from Moonstone Books. Layout by Rick Burchett with Finished Art by Richard Clark.

This 8-page, action-packed adventure pits the good Captain and his Secret Squadron against would-be global tyrant Ivan Shark’s latest super-weapon – a deadly “teleforce” ray projector designed by the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla! Should be quite a battle!

Arctic bases, double agents, death rays, dogfights… seriously, what more could you want?

The double-sized Air Fighters #2 will also contain other exciting aerial adventures starring classic aviator heroes Airboy and Valkyrie, The Black Angel, The Flying Fool, Sky Wolf, The Flying Dutchman and Iron Ace, by a squadron of talented writers and artists, including Chuck Dixon, Joe Gentile, Mike Bullock, Tom DeFalco, Martin Powell, Ver Crtis, Giovanni Timpano, Len Cody and many more.

Look for it soon!


For more info, visit the Moonstone Books Air Fighters page.