Apparently the second issue of Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files is in stores now. I wouldn’t have known about it (but then, I’ve been in a bit of  fog lately) if I hadn’t stumbled upon a handful of nice reviews:

Kolchak #2 Review by Michael May

Kolchak #2 Review @ Comics Bulletin

Kolchak #2 Review @ Player Affinity (WARNING: Spoilers from an over-detailed synopsis! Might want to skip to the last couple of paragraphs!)

Kolchak #2 Review @ Jonga.net

So far, it appears to be well-received, and I’m quite grateful!

Outlaw Territory Volume 2, a Western anthology containing  the story “The Face on the Poster,” by Yours Truly, Joe Staton and Rick Burchett, with colors by Michael Watkins, also came out this week from Image Comics.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: Apparently Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files #2 hasn’t actually shipped yet, but is due in stores shortly. I’ve been informed by my pal Martin Powell, whose first issue of The Spider (highly recommended, BTW!) is supposed to be out around the same time, that our publisher, Moonstone, sent out some advance copies for review. I’ll post an update when the book actually hits the shelves.


Always the last to know….

Apparently, the fine folks at Moonstone Books have solicited the third issue of Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files, written by yours truly and illustrated by Jaime Martinez, for shipping to comics shops in March, 2011.

Here’s the solicitation copy:

Story: Chris Mills
Art: Jaime Martinez

Cover: Woodrow Hinton III
32pgs, color, $3.99

Deep in the heart of the wild Everglades, a bloodthirsty swamp beast is on the hunt for human prey. But, when reporter Carl Kolchak sets out with a U.S. Marshall to find the creature, he learns the hard way that not all monsters are what they seem to be!

This issue presents the second part of “Swamp Things,” which chronicles Carl’s first assignment for his new employer, the supermarket tabloid World Bulletin.

Here’s the cover art by Woodrow Hinton III.


According to Moonstone Books, the long-awaited first issue of the new Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files ongoing series, written by yours truly, will be in stores this Thursday, December 2nd.

Here’s the solicitation copy again:

Night stalking reporter Carl Kolchak doesn’t have time for horror movies. His life is scary enough – and now he’s between jobs and desperate for a paycheck. But when a young actress goes missing on the set of a low-budget monster flick, he soon discovers that making it big in Hollywood can be murder! Art by Jaime Martinez.  Covers by Woodrow Hinton III and Mark Maddox.

Works In Progress

I know that things have been quiet here for a while. The last thing I had come out was Air Fighters #2, although I understand that the first issue of the new Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files is at the printer and should be in comics stores shortly.

I’m currently working on more Kolchak, Captain Midnight, a couple of pitches, a few short stories, and am trying to put together the Femme Noir webcomics collection. With so much on my plate, it’s going slow, but everything is moving along. There have also been some whispers regarding exciting developments with both Femme Noir & Gravedigger. If anything comes of them, you’ll be the first to know.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, I continue to post fairly regular reviews to DVD Late Show and am very active on my Space: 1970 and Atomic Pulp blogs. I have also just started posting on Twitter @AtomicPulp (years after everyone else – but hell, I still don’t own a cell phone, iPod, or Kindle, either).