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Design: THE DEAD BEAR WITNESS by James Chambers

The first volume in my pal James Chambers‘ Corpse Fauna cycle, The Dead Bear Witness, is now on sale from Dullahan Press, an imprint of Dark Quest Books. Jim is a terrific horror writer. He and I were both editors and writers for Tekno*Comix back in the 90s, and collaborated together on several projects, including …

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Design: MILES JACOBY Mysteries For Perfect Crime

I recently completed these six cover designs for Perfect Crime’s upcoming re-issues of author Robert J. Randisi’s “Miles Jacoby” private eye novels. As with the covers I put together for Max Allan Collins’ “Nolan” books, the idea was to give them a uniform trade dress, while incorporating visual elements on each cover specific to that …

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Design: Max Allan Collins’ NOLAN Returns

Max Allan Collins has been one of my favorite crime fiction authors since I first discovered his work around 1983. I was a fan of his comic book series Ms. Tree (with artist Terry Beatty), and, once I stumbled across a paperback copy of his novel Blood Money in a Dover, New Jersey thrift store, …

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My Internet pal Jack Badelaire digs old Men’s Adventure fiction – you know, stuff like The Executioner, The Destroyer, Nick Carter: Killmaster, Ninja Master, Able Team, et al – as much, or more, than I do. But he’s not satisfied just reading old paperbacks until they crumble to dust in his hands, he blogs about …

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