Convention Update

I’ve just been informed that the BangPop 2012 show has been cancelled, so there will be no convention appearances for me this year after all. Maybe in 2013….

BangPop 2012

The only convention I’m attending in 2012 is coming up – BangPop 2012, in Bangor, Maine. I’ll be attending on Sunday, September 23. I don’t really have anything much in the way of new stuff this year, but I will have copies of Femme Noir, Kolchak, and Captain Midnight (the prose anthology) on hand, plus whatever else I can dig up around here….

Space: 1970 Blog in Geek Magazine

The most popular of my various pop culture blogs, Space: 1970, has received a positive, if brief, write-up in the latest issue of GEEK magazine, a very slick publication on newsstands now. Contributor Jeff Bond spotlights my retro-sci-fi nostalgia blog in the magazine’s “Web: Outta Sites” section.


In The Works

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site on what I’m working on. I have been slowly – if not necessarily steadily – plugging away at finishing up my part of the years-in-the-making Gravedigger graphic novel and the long-delayed, initial Perils On Planet X saga. I had hoped to have both of those projects wrapped up last month; now I’m shooting for the end of this one.

I have agreed to write a short Captain Midnight prose novel for Moonstone, which I have mostly plotted. Once the Gravedigger & POPX scripts are off my desk, Cap is next on my schedule, and I plan to get it written over the Summer for delivery in the Fall. In other prose work, I have committed to to write a swingin’ Sixties spy adventure for an e-anthology coming out around October or so, and have also tentatively agreed to contribute a short story to a Sherlock Holmes anthology due out in 2013.

By mid-Autumn, I hope to be working on a couple of new comics projects; specifically a new Femme Noir special with Joe Staton, Skorpion with Rick Burchett, and a retro-superhero graphic novel to be co-written with my pal, James Chambers. Fingers crossed.

While my writing schedule is basically full-up for the time being (I am neither a prolific nor speedy wordsmith), I am always available for graphic design work. If you need a book cover or logo or similar work done, drop me a line at [email protected].