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BangPop 2012

The only convention I’m attending in 2012 is coming up – BangPop 2012, in Bangor, Maine. I’ll be attending on Sunday, September 23. I don’t really have anything much in the way of new stuff this year, but I will have copies of Femme Noir, Kolchak, and Captain Midnight (the prose anthology) on hand, plus …

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Space: 1970 Blog in Geek Magazine

The most popular of my various pop culture blogs, Space: 1970, has received a positive, if brief, write-up in the latest issue of GEEK magazine, a very slick publication on newsstands now. Contributor Jeff Bond spotlights my retro-sci-fi nostalgia blog in the magazine’s “Web: Outta Sites” section.  

In The Works

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site on what I’m working on. I have been slowly – if not necessarily steadily – plugging away at finishing up my part of the years-in-the-making Gravedigger graphic novel and the long-delayed, initial Perils On Planet X saga. I had hoped to have both of those projects …

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The third issue of Moonstone’s Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files went on sale last week. This is my final issue, and it’s by my own choice. Recurring health issues simply made it unfeasible for me to maintain a regular schedule. While the publishers were inhumanly patient, I finally decided that it wasn’t fair to them …

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