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In 2010, Moonstone Books launched a quarterly revival comic of the Golden Age aviation heroes, The Airfighters, originally published by Hillman Publications back in the 1940s.

These classic characters include Airboy, by Chuck Dixon & Shaun McGuan, The Iron Ace by Mike Bullock & Kerry Talbot, Sky Wolf by Len Cody & Oscar Celestini, The Flying Dutchman by Joe Gentile & Giovanni Timpano, The Bald Eagle by Jeff Limke & Sedat Ozgen, Black Angel by Martin Powell & Ver Curtis, and the Flying Fool by Tom DeFalco & Fernando Peniche.

With the collaboration of artists Richard Clark and Rick Burchett, I’m contributing a series of Captain Midnight adventures, laying the foundation for eventual solo Captain Midnight comic books from the publisher.

Based on the legendary Old Time Radio show – as well as the vintage movie serial, comic books and TV seriesĀ  – our version of the Airborne Avenger is set in an alternate timeline where World War II hasn’t happened (yet), and the Secret squadron helps keep global peace, which is constantly threatened by the criminal mastermind and would-be conquerer Ivan Shark… and his daughter Fury.

Issue #1 (Spring 2010) featured the story “Pyramid of Fear.” Issue #2 (Fall 2010) features “Arctic Deathray.”

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Praise for Air Fighters (Captain Midnight):

“The book concludes with what is clearly the best tale: Captain Midnight by Christopher Mills (Femme Noir) and Rick Burchett (Batman Adventures). While by no means an Eisner contender, the short takes the classic radio hero and shows just how exciting his swashbuckling adventures can be, even in eight pages. He drops in to the Aztec jungle, stops the Nazi plot, and swings out in the company of a beautiful damsel in distress. The series works on an adventure serial level to absolute perfection while avoiding the typical European setting of far too many Nazi stories.”

Nick Alhelm
Pulp Empire

Rounding out the anthology is the reintroduction of Captain Midnight, star of radio, movie serials, comic books, TV and Ovaltine ads. Christopher Mills and Rich Burchett do a great job on the character. I’d buy a book of the good captain all by himself.”

Jeff Kapalka