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Traveling salesman Hurdis Jones is an ordinary man on an uneventful trip through the Midwest, until he gives a seriously ill hitchhiker a ride to the hospital.

That’s when he starts getting pounding HEADACHES… & bizarre HALLUCINATIONS…& feeling like he’s being FOLLOWED…& having BLACKOUTS…& stumbling upon all those MUTILATED BODIES….

A dedicated family man, all Hurdis Jones wants to do is make it home to his worried wife and kids. But his journey becomes impossibly long and fraught with horror.

Because the man once known as Hurdis Jones has now become… THE NIGHT DRIVER.

The Night Driver is a full-color, 96-page graphic novel produced by CinemaGraphix and published by Moonstone Books in early 2007, following a 99¢ “preview” comic the previous summer.

Purely a work-for-hire assignment, I adapted a screenplay by John Cork (Bond Girls Are Forever) into graphic novel form, and it was illustrated by newcomer Christopher Legasse.

Although the story isn’t my own, it was a real challenge for me as a writer to take a script intended for film and make it work in comics form, especially as it’s a suspense story, an unusual genre for comics.

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Praise for The Night Driver:

“Cinematic storytelling takes you on a relentless ride in this top-notch thriller. Smart, dark, sexy, and at times brutal.”
Max Allan Collins
Writer: Road to Perdition, Quarry In The Middle, Ms. Tree

“The Night Driver deftly fulfills its visually driven mandate, with big-paneled art and an energetic sense of pacing. …The Hitcher channeling Robert Bloch—good, bloody fun…”
Gary Butler
Rue Morgue magazine

“Part The Hitcher, part The Machinist… The Night Driver is actually a pitch for a film without studio backing. Instead of shopping this pitch around to producers in script form, Moonstone has collaborated with its creators to create a visual pitch for all of us to enjoy. And maybe, just maybe, someone in Hollywood will take enough notice to make it into something special. And, to be honest, I’d kind of like to see this pitch made into something on film.”
Ambush Bug
Ain’t it Cool News

“It’s rather apropos that The Night Driver was released on the winter equinox. This is a dark, dark little book…The Night Driver is a story-telling success mostly because of its pacing. The book strings together a series of seemingly mundane events that begin to unfold into a thrill chase that is exciting, sexy and, at times, incredibly brutal. Each of the moments, though, has something interesting to offer the reader. Even dialogue with an ordinary cashier becomes something easy and fun to read. Very little happens by accident in this story…Bottom Line: A fun, scary read for those long winter nights. Definitely worth the twelve bucks.
Matthew McLean
The Comics Review, 9/10

“The story by John Cork and Christopher Mills is a unique thriller. The twists toward the end, I really did not see coming, which I was glad of. I thought I had it all figured out, and bam! I was wrong … If you’re looking for something different, or you’re a big fan of some of the Moonstone Noir books and books like Fell, you should pick up this thrilling ride.”
Lucas Siegel
Shotgun Reviews / Newsarama