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Despite what one may assume, I actually love superheroes and superhero comics – especially those published by DC Comics prior to, say, 2000. I am particularly fond of Golden, Silver, and so-called Bronze Age fare, so I’ve long been a fan of Gary Carlson’s Big Bang Comics, which pays homage to those eras with characters that, shall we say, closely resemble those from the “big 2” – especially DC.

When the opportunity came along to write an issue of Big Bang Comics, James Chambers  (my old Tekno crony and Shadow House partner) and I decided to write an adventure harkening back to the Justice League of America comics of the 70’s, taking BB’s existing superhero team, the Round Table of America, and sending them on a trip to an alien planet to face a cosmic villain and his unwilling hench-creatures.

The resulting comic was a bit of a disappointment. The art was sub-par, and our script – which we were very proud of – was heavily edited, with many seemingly arbitrary changes. Now, I guess when you’re playing with other people’s characters you have to expect some of that, but since we were doing it for free, it would have been nice if they’d offered us the opportunity to make any necessary changes ourselves.

Nonetheless, I managed to get my childhood creation, “Jon Cosmos,” (a Flash Gordon/Adam Strange type hero) into an Image comic, and I’m still ridiculously proud of my alien menace, the “Gas Giants of Jupiter!”