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As Tekno*Comix stopped producing comics, I teamed up with another ex-Tekno editor, James Chambers, and we decided to take our own shot at self-publishing, finally doing the kind of horror comic we’d both really wanted to do for ages.

First, we recruited a bunch of extraordinary artists: Pat Broderick, Fred Harper, Kirk Van Wormer, Art Nichols, Dan Brereton, and John Estes (among others). Then, we came up with a comic book that had three ongoing features: Nightmark, by yours truly and Fred Harper; The Revenant, by Jim and Pat Broderick; and Autumn, a humorous introduction to each issue, featuring our titular Goth gal, by Jim, Kirk Van Wormer, and Art Nichols. The book was designed by our good friend Erika Taguchi, and was published on a bi-monthly schedule.

The reviews were universally positive and the covers were some of the best horror art since the days of Warren magazines, but we were caught up in the seemingly unstoppable industry sales plunge of the late Nineties, and after five issues, our credit cards were maxed out. We pulled the plug. I’ve never been so heartbroken (or broke).

Praise for Shadow House:

“Imagine, if you will, updating the classic old EC horror comics for a more contemporary sensibility. Then make the stories ongoing serials instead of one-shots. Stir in some of today’s crispest writing and most haunting artwork, as well as some exceptionally well thought-out characters, and you’ve got Shadow House. Every issue contains segments of two ongoing tales, each of which has its own rhythm and style, with horror lurking around every corner and fear constantly at a high pitch.”
Barry Lyga
Diamond Previews

“…I love what you guys are doing. Damn good comic making.”
Brian Michael Bendis
Writer: Jinx, Powers, Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil

“Art and story lines are all first rate. I especially like Nightmark…”
William F. Nolan
Creator of Logan’s Run and the “Black Mask” mysteries

“After four issues the book has an atmosphere I really dig… It’s twitchy. Unnerving.”

Kelley Jones
Artist: Batman, Cal McDonald: Supernatural Freak Machine

“Shadow House…is a treat. Both stories are fresh and entertaining, and the art is gorgeous.”
COMBO Magazine

“…the best black & white horror comics I’ve read and enjoyed since the glory days of Jim Warren’s Eerie and Creepy horror titles.”
Trevor Von Eeden
Artist: Legends of the Dark Knight

“If you’re looking for a horror comic book that respects your imagination and intelligence, check out Shadow House. Get it before it gets you.”
Tony Isabella
Columnist, creator/writer: Black Lightning