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Sinbad: The Coils of the Serpent is a fantasy adventure graphic novel illustrated by the incredible Eduardo Barreto (Marvel Knights, The Shadow Strikes, Star Wars, Batman/Daredevil, Martian Manhunter, countless others), featuring the legendary Persian mariner Sinbad, of the Arabian Nights.

The Coils of the Serpent is an original adventure, not an adaptation of the classic “Seven Voyages” (already adapted to comics several times), and is meant to evoke the wonder and excitement that I felt as a child and teenager watching the trilogy of Sinbad films produced by Charles Schneer & Ray Harryhausen on Saturday afternoon television. It is classic fantasy adventure, packed full of swashbuckling swordplay, daring exploits, menacing giant monsters and exotic, faraway lands. Lots of beautiful women, too.

The story is perfectly served by the classic illustrative style of Eduardo Barreto, an underrated master of adventure comics, who allows his imagination full rein to bring the wonders of ancient Persia and the fantastic island of Calderia to the page.

The 100+ page graphic novel relates the untold tale of Sinbad’s rescue of a beautiful, shipwrecked princess, Morgathea, and the perilous voyage that he and the loyal crew of his ship, the Altair, embark on in order to return the mysterious young woman to her home – the legendary lost island of Calderia. But  Morgathea is not exactly what she appears to be, and Sinbad may find more trouble on the island of Calderia than he bargains for…

Sinbad: The Coils of the Serpent is still a work-in-progress and has not yet been placed with a publisher. Thus, no projected release date at this time.

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