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Beginning in Autumn of 2010, Moonstone Books began publishing a bi-monthly, ongoing title based on the Night Stalker novels and television series, written by yours truly and illustrated by various artists, including Jaime Martinez.

The KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER FILES series features all-new adventures for the intrepid, if poorly-dressed, newshawk, beginning with a horrifying look behind the scenes of a B-movie horror franchise and a move to South Florida for a new job as a columnist for a weekly supermarket tabloid called the World Bulletin. How long Carl will be able to keep that job, of course, is the real mystery.

I’m actually drawing upon my own decade’s experience working for the tabs in Florida (I was Art Director of the Sun for most of that time, though I also worked on The National Examiner and The Weekly World News on occasion), and my portrayal of the biz in the comic is less exaggerated than you might think.

The first couple issues of the series will introduce a  few new characters to Kolchak’s universe, including a sexy rival reporter named Erin Cho – and one old friend makes a surprise reappearance! Don’t worry though – Vincenzo and the old gang will always be a big part of Carl’s life.

In all other respects, though, Kolchak’s world hasn’t changed much – he’s still constantly embroiled in terrifying supernatural events, still seeking the truth, and still wearing that old straw hat.

Moonstone’s Kolchak page.

Praise for Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files:

As with any Kolchak: The Nightstalker story, Carl narrates, and Mills replicates his alliterative pulpy prose style, complete with stingers signaling the end of an act. Close your eyes and you can hear the late great Darren McGavin speaking these lines.”
– Ray Tate

Comic Bulletins

“…It has a very human face to it and even though there are supernatural elements it’s grounded in reality. Writer Chris Mills is very well informed about the different processes from law enforcement to the daily grind of a tabloid newspaper. What I found really great about the story is the characters and their development. Even the background characters that only have a couple lines of dialog come off believable and realistic.”
– Dustin Cabeal
Player Affinity

“I don’t know if it because I am a fan of the show, or that I’ve watched it fairly recently, but reading this book, I could hear Darren McGavin speaking into his tape recorder and hear the swish of his seer-sucker suit. Mills, I have to think, is as much a fan as I am. To say he nails the feels and tone of the old Night Stalker is a mild statement to be sure.”
– “Timelord”