I have written a handful of published short stories and have many more in the works.

Gideon King, the Nightmark:

GOOD GIRLS DON’T DIE, Fang #2, (Tangram Publishing, April, 1992)

KILL ME IN THE MORNING, Nightmark Mystery Special #1 (Alpha Prod., 1992)

THE DEVIL IN HER EYES, Nightmark: Blood & Honor #2 (Alpha Prod., 1994)

Matthew Dain, PI:

HIT & RUN, Thrilling Detective Website (October,1998)
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SLIGHTLY TARNISHED ARMOR, Thrilling Detective Website (May,1999)
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Classic Pulp Heroes:

THE SPIDER & THE MONSTER MAKERS, The Spider Chronicles (Moonstone, 2007)
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COUNTDOWN TO MIDNIGHT, Captain Midnight Chronicles (Moonstone, 2010)
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THE MEDITERRANEAN INTERCEPT, Captain Midnight Chronicles – Hardcover Edition Only (Moonstone, 2010)
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Read Online Free: The Mediterranean Intercept

Horror Fiction:

THE BEAST OF BAVA PASS, Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising (Moonstone, 2007)
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By Christopher Mills This short story originally appeared as a bonus feature in the limited hardcover edition of The Captain Midnight Chronicles, published by Moonstone Books. The cold steel muzzle of the Thompson submachine gun pressed hard against his left temple, the aroma of gun oil thick in his nostrils. A bead of sweat trickled …