Salon Republic Lease Agreement

They have access to a workplace, certain lounges and certain common areas. You must set your working hours (within The Lab`s defined opening hours) and service charges, implement your own provisions (with the exception of Backbar products provided by Salon Republic) and, if you wish, your own advertising. You are responsible for repairing damage to living room appliances or sanitary and electrical faucets that are damaged by acts or omissions other than ordinary wear and tear. It is agreed that any holes, cracks, burns or stains of any size or quantity in floor coverings, furniture, blinds, walls and/or furniture do not constitute appropriate wear. Our Terms may only be modified by us as described above or in a reciprocal written agreement signed by an authorized representative of us. The illegality, invalidity or unenforceability of any provision or condition is severable and has no influence on the rest of our terms and any unenforceable part shall be construed to the fullest extent possible in accordance with applicable law. Titles serve as a reference only and do not affect the meaning of any term or condition. Any provision that must exist for us to enforce its importance is maintained through termination; However, no claim or action relating in any way to our terms relating to their subject matter, regardless of the form or basis of the claim, may be asserted by you more than one (1) year after the appearance of the plea (or if more than one cause arose, from the date on which the first such plea arose). Years: You should rent a studio from Image Salons instead of renting a chair in a living room for the following reasons: (1) Our rental rates are about the same as a chair rental in a living room; (2) You have the keys to your own individual studio separately from other studios, which avoids living room drama and politics; (3) You will be confident that no one other than you will use the products you have purchased; (4) You can sell your own products and keep all the profits that can significantly increase your weekly income; (5) You have some flexibility in decorating your own studio.

They do not sublet or sublet the use of any part of their workplace or community space. We sell, rent, rent, do not provide your personal data or pass it on to unrelated companies. We will always inform you if we intend to pass on your personal data to unrelated third parties (e.g.B. non-operational service providers) and we will ask for your consent (“opt-in”) whenever we intend to do so. Ans: Image salons are made for anyone who is interested in having their own salon, being their own boss, keeping 100% of their income, setting their own hours and enjoying their independence. Thanks to our flexible rental plans, you can try renting a studio from Image Salons six months or a year.