Customer Referral Agreement Template

This Agreement covers the subscription to the Snug Services and referral fees paid to customers and constitutes the entire agreement with you, as well as our Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policies. It is undeniable that it is very difficult to find quality and competent employees. Many companies need recommendation agreements because they save time and costs. Employers know that the right recommendations can be extremely reliable and valuable sources of income and would not object to a referral pricing agreement being entered into for the sole purpose of obtaining a potential interested party. As with any contract or contract, make sure it meets your needs and expectations. A well-crafted contract can protect you, grow your business and show that you are established and professional. You can choose either a percentage commission on the recommendations they make, or a certain amount in dollars. 10. Disclaimer of Warranty. The Affiliate attracts potential customers at the request of the company.

THE AFFILIATE DOES NOT REPRESENT OR WARRANT THAT SUCH RECOMMENDATIONS WILL CREATE EARNINGS, SALES, NOTORIETY, NOTORIETY OR OTHERWISE. THE AFFILIATE HAS NO LIABILITY TO THE COMPANY IF THE RECOMMENDATIONS DO NOT GIVE THE EXPECTED RESULTS OF THE COMPANY. 1. Recommendations. Either party may, from time to time, refer potential customers (“prospects”) to the other party by completing and sending a recommendation form for potential customers in the form set out in Appendix A – or by advising an interested party to complete and provide it – either (a) online (b) by email, (c) by fax to the company or the recommending partner in the corresponding notification, which has been provided in this Agreement or agreed by the company or the recommendation partner. If the interested party is not an existing or former customer of the recipient and has not already been contacted by the recipient or returned to the recipient, the recipient will inform the recipient of its consent to the applicant`s recommendation within five (5) working days (by e-mail or fax to the e-mail address or fax number indicated in this Agreement). If authorization is not granted within this period of five (5) working days, the recommendation of the potential customer is deemed rejected. The addressee is free to authorize or reject a recommendation of interest, including the resolution of disputes between two or more stakeholders, researchers or other persons.

The recipient should cooperate with the recipient and, if the recipient so wishes, remain actively involved in the recipient`s sales campaign with regard to any potential recommendations and support the recipient`s solution as proposed by the recipient to the candidate. . . .