Client Protection Agreement

It`s exciting to attract new customers or do new business with existing customers. Your team is eager to get started, as is the customer. But the Agency must then pause and ensure that the relationship begins on a solid legal basis. How do you legally protect the agency while keeping the momentum with the client when you start working? What is the best way to document the Agency`s accounts with your client? And what should this document say or contain? The solution is a well-written customer service contract – often referred to as the Master Services Agreement in the advertising world. The agreement is your legal contract with the customer – it describes the work, relationship and responsibilities of both parties to the transaction. Use the agency-client service contract when your agency is in contact with the client for the first time. This agreement serves as a framework contract between the agency and your client and documents all the important legal and commercial conditions of your business with them: pending the court`s judgment, let`s see how Ogilvy might have protected itself. The nature of the agreement with Vivo for the exchange of information and data, in particular when the information was shared at a kick-off meeting, is key to this protection. Once the Agency has come into contact with a client, additional or subsequent proposals or SOW can refer to the Master Agency-Client Services Agreement or integrate it, so that the legal conditions do not have to be repeated in each new document.

The agreement thus concluded should adequately protect all parties to the agreement and ensure that any breach of the agreement is dealt with in a limited manner. While the provisions highlighted may seem voluminous, they are indeed what helps prevent the disputes in which Ogilvy and Vivo have participated. While it is customary to enter into confidentiality and confidentiality agreements at pitch level, the focus should be on the nature of the information classified as “confidential” and how the parties are sanctioned in the event of a breach of confidentiality. A thoughtful confidentiality agreement provides that you found this information useful, I hope! In order to make the award process as efficient as possible, I have integrated into my legal protection system + Creative Agency an easy-to-use template for a master client service contract of the agency (and other documents that the Agency needs to manage its legal affairs). To learn more about the system, click here. For the first time, a private space company in India has been tasked with carrying a payload to the Moon for a global space agency. Based in Bengaluru, the Indus team is one of the leaders in the following reading TRA represented GirnarSoft in its strategic investment in Advanced Structures India….