Blackline Agreement

BlackLine collects information, including personal data, from users of the hosted service (“User Information”). “User Information” does not include customer data as defined above in this statement. Access to the hosted service is subject to the terms of a framework subscription agreement or similar agreement between BlackLine and the party or entity subscribing to the hosted service. All information provided by the user through the hosted service is subject to this statement, unless otherwise stated in the Framework Subscription Agreement. To exercise your rights over your personal data or if you have any questions about this statement, please email BlackLine`s security administrator at [email protected] or send us an email: In 2018, Blackline entered into an agreement with SAP to resell “BlackLine. Cloud-based financial and accounting solutions as part of SAP Solutions Extensions. [19] On the business side, you really don`t have to worry about creating Workshare (or the program your lawyer is using). Lawyers have usually already set up their software to generate blacklines in a common format. In a deal environment, businessmen most likely transmit their changes orally or possibly in another format to lawyers, but these changes are always reflected with third-party comparison software on the other side. Prior to pc, document comparison included printing two versions of a single document and detailed checking of those hard copies for changes and version changes. This process took into account the potential for human error and the considerable administrative time that this laborious process required. A ruler was used with a red pencil to draw crossed out lines of deleted text and double underlined inserted text.

The term “redline” comes from the use of a red pencil on the original/current version. If the document was placed in a photocopier, the copies came out in black, hence the term “blackline”. [1] Comparing documents can be difficult. The legal blackline feature in Microsoft Word makes it much easier to compare documents. Blackline entered into an agreement in 2015 for a strategic alliance with financial advisory firm McGladrey. As part of the alliance, companies have started offering a Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) platform. [12] One final remark on the exchange of agreements during a negotiation. Please do not protect your Word document with a password – it is offensive. Do you really think your influence is so great or that your project is so spectacular that no one will make a reasonable comment? Not all comments are due to differences of opinion..

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