Agreement For The Construction Of A New Boat

The type of vessel required will be one of the first questions to be answered. The answer in this case is considered a FRP version of the local artisanal coastal fishing vessel. A combination of information provided by the national fisheries advisory services and other services of the Ministry of Fisheries will show what type of vessels there are, in quantity, how many people are employed in the sector, what percentage of the national fisheries this sector produces and what is the source of new vessels, traditional gearboxes and engines. This information helps to establish a plan on what the new boat will look like, how many will have to be built each year, the target price that owners might be willing to pay, and credit programs developed as FRP boats are likely more expensive than traditional programs. Decisions on the commissioning of the ship may be taken after consultation with the type and number of the ship to be built. Occasionally, a naval architect or naval designer will directly commission a boat builder to build a boat. If you ask a contractor to build a boat, it is important, from the designer`s point of view, to ensure that an agreement is reached in order to fully protect the designer`s rights. This article describes some of the most important issues to consider when entering into a construction contract. If you want to import all the tools, you also have to expect the contractor who gets the contract to train the foreman and the manager who will eventually operate the new shipyard. If the decision is made to build all the tools on the spot, this should be carried out under the guidance of an expert, and the whole procedure should be treated as a training exercise. Profitable production is unlikely to be achieved during this start-up phase, which may require subsidies before the shipyard can continue to operate without aid.

One cannot underestimate the fact that it is essential for the credibility of the shipyard that the first production design is a success. If a traditional and very conservative fishing community chooses not to reach the shipyard`s first products, it could be an irreversible setback. For this reason, the likely choice of a first design will be a CCA ship as close as possible to the most widespread traditional boat. It is tempting to make technical innovations that inevitably make the boat more complex than the original, but you have to resist them until the shipyard has proven its product and has a good reputation. Once a basic model has been put on the market and is well accepted, it can be used as a basis on which the shipyard can develop a wider range of ships. If there is a problem during construction, for example. B the shipyard declares a form of bankruptcy, the yacht owner can suspend future payments, but this does not help with regard to payments already made. For this reason, a buyer should include in the shipyard contract the right to the first secured interest mentioned above and the accompanying deposit right against the ship for all sums paid so far. Intellectual property: Intellectual property is an important good for designers and should be managed with care. The copyright (and all other intellectual property rights) in the design of the ship should be clearly mentioned in the agreement. Any licence to the contracting authority must be clearly defined.

If the commitment can lead to the creation of new intellectual property (by both parties), it is important that the agreement explicitly covers it. The only way an owner can be protected from losing their money because the shipyard scams them or goes bankrupt, is to have the construction directly in their name, although the construction contract is with the shipyard, says Carol Scanu, yacht designer at Studio Scanu.