York College Articulation Agreement

For more details on admission requirements, including conditions (if applicable), see futurestudents.yorku.ca/requirements. Graduated from the Sheridan Media Arts Advanced Diploma with a minimum average of 3.0 (B or 70%) 60 transfer credits are granted under this agreement. Students can apply for the Honorary Bachelor of Arts (BA) in film and media studies. Explore transfer agreements by source or destination. Choose and follow you to save lessons, fees and time until you graduate. Transfer students from other CUNY colleges are invited to visit Evaluate My Transfer Credit at their CUNYfirst Study Center for an informal transfer evaluation. (Only for reference purposes). You may be concerned about the transfer process, but we have set up a transfer resource centre to guide any questions you may have about the transfer to the University of York. We are simply reging the process through two- or four-year institutions, including many articulation agreements throughout the region. Let your transfer team support you at the Chancellery at this exciting time! If you have earned less than 15 hours of college credits, you must also submit: we advise you to join us for Tuesday`s transfer! Follow us on selected Tuesdays for an overview of admission, transfer credit and financial support procedures. This session also offers the opportunity to meet our transfer team one by one. Our typical information sessions are led by a member of the admissions team who gives you an overview of the university`s procedures. An optional tour of the campus with one of our student ambassadors will follow.

He or she will be able to show you our many institutions and answer all the questions you have about student life, sports and campus organizations! The net price calculator will assess your eligibility and show how to reduce your cost of attending an affordable university with scholarships, scholarships and student loans. Your “net price” is the difference between the cost of participation (teaching, room, distribution, etc.) and your financial support. Make sure you come, visit us at the transfer on Tuesday! Sign up today and find the perfect home to finish your university career. Approval of an articulation relationship leads to the signing of an articulation agreement (DOCx, 0.2MB). A progression agreement is similar to the one mentioned above, except that it only recognizes the price the student will receive and does not guarantee that the student will get a place.