Real Estate Commission Advance Agreement

Q: What kind of real estate transactions do you do with commissions? A: We are moving forward on the sale of housing and the rental of housing; Commercial sales and leasing; Industrial sales and leases, as well as new housing and construction/construction housing. JCA Commission Advances are protected by our exclusive substitution program. Therefore, if a sales contract is not concluded, the risk of financial losses will be covered for both the real estate agent and JCA. Q: Have you made progress in commercial/industrial offerings? A: Yes. Our process is extremely fast. If you are a first-time candidate, we need you to start creating your account. It will not take more than an hour (during normal business hours) after receiving the completed application. Our obligation is to process all commission requests within an hour (during normal business hours) after receiving the request. We will send you a sales contract to the Commission within an hour (during normal business hours) provided all necessary documents have been received. Can a broker take several commissions into account at the same time? No one wants to receive advance payment and then suffer hidden fees that make our income disappear before our eyes.

Some brokers are also concerned that, for whatever reason, a real estate commission advance could fuel our solvency. Those who decide to work with Payfully do not suffer any of these problems. Payfully is ahead of schedule on taking a single charge without any impact on our credit score. The company has retained its dedication to transparency in its entry into the real estate sector. Q: Is there a minimum commission you`re moving forward? A: No. No dollar value or closing period is too small for us. Our commission advances are competitive and transparent. We fund up to 80 per cent of the commission amount and can only charge 7 per cent as a financing fee. For example: Here are some expenses that an Advance Commission would support a real estate agent or real estate broker: even the best performing real estate agents experience ups and downs when it comes to cash flow.

Unfortunately, in real estate, commissions don`t always come when you need them. On a Friday or a day before a bank holiday, if we get our pre-contract duly signed until 13:00 EST, you will receive funds directly into your bank account before midnight that night. Contracts received until 16:00 EST will be received directly from your bank account on Monday morning or the next business morning. Once your application is complete, you will receive a digital JCA agreement on DocuSign.