Finally, after more than a decade of trying to pull my comics projects Perils On Planet X (an interplanetary swashbuckler in the Flash Gordon tradition) and Gravedigger (a hardboiled crime caper inspired by the Gold Medal paperbacks of the 50s) together and out to the readers, I’m pleased to announce that both projects – which originally started life together as online comics on the long-defunct AdventureStrips site – are returning to the Internet as weekly webcomics.

This is something I’d been thinking about for a long time, and thanks to my amazing wife, Brandi, who figured out how to set up proper webcomics sites, I’m finally able to get these comics back online.

Perils On Planet X, with art by the exceptional Gene Gonzales, will debut on February 1st, with a new page being posted every Friday. Although the previous webcomic version was drawn by Jon Plante, this version is expanded and completely redrawn by Gene, with colors (on the first chapter) by Ian Sokolowski. The plan is to serialize the entire graphic novel (around a hundred pages or so) online, and then collect it in a print version upon its completion. We already have six month’s worth of pages completed – and six months’ more drawn and lettered – so maintaining the weekly schedule won’t be a problem.

Gravedigger, by Rick Burchett and yours truly, will debut on February 4th. We’ll be posting a page a week every Monday, starting with the original Gravedigger story, “The Scavengers” (which hasn’t been seen online or in print for years) and then serializing the new one… “The Predators.” As with Perils On Planet X, the plan is to collect both storylines in a graphic novel format once they are completed.

When we get closer to the launch, I’ll announce the website addresses and provide links.

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  1. Mr. Mills, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and really enjoy it. As a sort of profitable hobby, I write roleplaying games and sell ’em as PDFs. One of the game worlds I’ve created is Galaxy Command, which is a sorta retro sci-fi space opera setting heavily inspired by the same TV shows and movies you blog about. I’d love to send you some review copies of the books. Hit me up at my email address above and I’ll send along a zip file with all my books for the setting.

    Chris Field

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