Agreement Of Relationship

– We recognize that we do not make each other happy, but that we bring our individual happiness into the relationship to be shared “Our contract speaks to much of what needs to be negotiated in all respects,” Wrote Len Catron. If you and your partner review and rework your relationship agreement several times a year, you (and your relationship) are in good condition. I have found that the simplest and simplest structure for a relationship contract is to introduce, contract elements, sign. Both parties strive to own what belongs to them. It involves uncontrollable emotions, feelings of jealousy. These include words and actions that contribute to conflicts in the relationship. Even events that have occurred in the past, that each party has wired in some way that can contribute to unhealthy dynamics and relationship patterns. Both parties agree to own their own triggers and negative energy. It is the act of being fair and transparent in a relationship.

There is no relationship that can survive without honesty and frankness. If it does not exist in both parts, what exists is only an illusion of a successful relationship. These amended and related relationship laws are established and enshrined on the date of `By`The objective of this relationship is to develop, maintain and promote the growth of both stakeholders. To create the space that supports and promotes the stories of the other. This agreement can only be rescinded after a personal meeting consisting of verbal communication with eye contact. Hands must be displayed. Both parties must sit down. In yesterday`s article, 5 Assumptions of Relationship Learning, we learned to build a solid relational basis on some fundamental assumptions. While these gentle relationship assumptions are a wonderful place to meet as a couple, we need explicit agreements between us and our partners on how to put these assumptions into practice. What agreements can we make with ourselves and our partners on what the relationship should be? What concrete agreements can we, as individuals and couples, commit to strengthening our loving attachment? “Writing a relationship contract may seem calculating or unromantic, but any relationship is contractual; we are only making the terms more explicit,” wrote Len Catron. It reminds us that love is not something that happens to us – it`s something we do together. As a couple, we are committed to being aware of dichotomous thinking that leads to differences of opinion and to practicing more flexible thinking. We agree that none of us are the sole owner of the truth and that we will both have our opinion on business.

We are committed to seeing the other person`s point of view, even if he (perhaps, above all) is radically different from ours.