In The Works

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site on what I’m working on. I have been slowly – if not necessarily steadily – plugging away at finishing up my part of the years-in-the-making Gravedigger graphic novel and the long-delayed, initial Perils On Planet X saga. I had hoped to have both of those projects wrapped up last month; now I’m shooting for the end of this one.

I have agreed to write a short Captain Midnight prose novel for Moonstone, which I have mostly plotted. Once the Gravedigger & POPX scripts are off my desk, Cap is next on my schedule, and I plan to get it written over the Summer for delivery in the Fall. In other prose work, I have committed to to write a swingin’ Sixties spy adventure for an e-anthology coming out around October or so, and have also tentatively agreed to contribute a short story to a Sherlock Holmes anthology due out in 2013.

By mid-Autumn, I hope to be working on a couple of new comics projects; specifically a new Femme Noir special with Joe Staton, Skorpion with Rick Burchett, and a retro-superhero graphic novel to be co-written with my pal, James Chambers. Fingers crossed.

While my writing schedule is basically full-up for the time being (I am neither a prolific nor speedy wordsmith), I am always available for graphic design work. If you need a book cover or logo or similar work done, drop me a line at [email protected].

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