The third issue of Moonstone’s Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files went on sale last week. This is my final issue, and it’s by my own choice. Recurring health issues simply made it unfeasible for me to maintain a regular schedule. While the publishers were inhumanly patient, I finally decided that it wasn’t fair to them or the readers, and regretfully chose to leave the book.

I am proud of what work I did on the title – and the Kolchak: Night Stalker Of The Living Dead miniseries – and am grateful to Moonstone for the opportunity to write the character. I hope I did Jeff Rice‘s creation justice.

I know that Moonstone has plenty more Kolchak on the way by a variety of talented creators, and I expect to continue to do the occasional project with the company. I have agreed to write a short Captain Midnight novel for them, for example, and still hope to get some more Captain Midnight comics off the ground… eventually.

The atmospheric cover above was painted by Woodrow Hinton III.

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