Design: MILES JACOBY Mysteries For Perfect Crime

I recently completed these six cover designs for Perfect Crime’s upcoming re-issues of author Robert J. Randisi’s “Miles Jacoby” private eye novels. As with the covers I put together for Max Allan Collins’ “Nolan” books, the idea was to give them a uniform trade dress, while incorporating visual elements on each cover specific to that novel. These new Perfect Crime trade paperback editions will be available in June.

As with the Collins assignment, this one was a personal as well as professional pleasure. I’ve been a fan of Randisi’s books since the mid-80s, and specifically, I always really enjoyed the “Jacoby” novels. They are steeped in affection for the genre and its history, and include plenty of nods toward other authors and characters from private eye fiction, as well as being terrific mysteries in their own right. Of course, I already own copies of all of the books (three in paperback, three in hardcover), but it will be nice to finally have all six available in uniform editions.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Bob Randisi a couple of times, and it was an honor getting to work on his books. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get an opportunity to do so again.

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