My Internet pal Jack Badelaire digs old Men’s Adventure fiction – you know, stuff like The Executioner, The Destroyer, Nick Carter: Killmaster, Ninja Master, Able Team, et al – as much, or more, than I do.

But he’s not satisfied just reading old paperbacks until they crumble to dust in his hands, he blogs about them. And now, he’s launching an e-zine, Hatchet Force Journal, available at Amazon for the Kindle, dedicated to their testosterone-fueled legacy – as well as the genre’s present and future.

Early this morning, I came across the cover image that Jack had created for his ‘zine, and as a guy who made his living for 25 years as a graphic artist and art director, I thought it could use some improvement. Fortunately, Jack agreed. I’ll also be doing the covers for future issues.

Check out Jack’s blog, Post-Modern Pulps, and remember, you can buy the first issue of his new e-zine here: Hatchet Force Journal Issue #1

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