Received my comps of Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files #2 in the mail today. Those are the issue’s three variant covers pictured above (only one of which has even a tenuous link to the story within). It’s not on this week’s Diamond shipping list, but I’m guessing it’ll be in stores next week (03/16/11). If I find out otherwise, I’ll post the information here.

However, it can be ordered directly from Moonstone now.

“I don’t know if it because I am a fan of the show, or that I’ve watched it fairly recently, but reading this book, I could hear Darren McGavin speaking into his tape recorder and hear the swish of his seer-sucker suit. Mills, I have to think, is as much a fan as I am. To say he nails the feels and tone of the old Night Stalker is a mild statement to be sure.”
– “Timelord”

CONFIRMED: Kolchak: The night Stalker Files #2 is on Diamond Comics’ shipping list for 3/16/11. It will be in stores this Wednesday.

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