Here’s a double page spread from the new Captain Midnight story, “Arctic Deathray,” from the forthcoming Air Fighters #2 comics anthology from Moonstone Books. Layout by Rick Burchett with Finished Art by Richard Clark.

This 8-page, action-packed adventure pits the good Captain and his Secret Squadron against would-be global tyrant Ivan Shark’s latest super-weapon – a deadly “teleforce” ray projector designed by the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla! Should be quite a battle!

Arctic bases, double agents, death rays, dogfights… seriously, what more could you want?

The double-sized Air Fighters #2 will also contain other exciting aerial adventures starring classic aviator heroes Airboy and Valkyrie, The Black Angel, The Flying Fool, Sky Wolf, The Flying Dutchman and Iron Ace, by a squadron of talented writers and artists, including Chuck Dixon, Joe Gentile, Mike Bullock, Tom DeFalco, Martin Powell, Ver Crtis, Giovanni Timpano, Len Cody and many more.

Look for it soon!


For more info, visit the Moonstone Books Air Fighters page.

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